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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 18, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow! it's wednesday, november comi up on "early day" breaking news over night o oe again the sounds of heavy gun fire and explosions in paris. french police targeting high level suspects in the dark of night. and bomb scares diverting two planes and another threat causing thousands to evacuate a soccer stadium in germany. what's to be done witit the syrian refugees. "early today" starts right now.fu good morning, we start with breaking news. these are live pictures of a raid still ongoing in france.
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justan outside of paris and located near the stade de france and overnight, they raided an apartment in a planned operation in connection with last week's attacks in paris. this is the scene earlie tonight. [ gun fire]
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explosions. police say one person is still holed up in n e apartment. there are explosives in the apartment that could bring down a building. and two suspects are dead. three men inside the apartment werepa arrested by special ops. a man and woman were also arrested nearby. three ofrtsficers and one civilian were injured in this raid. they believe the likely target wasy obdualabdul, the alleged master mind behind last week's paris attacks. and planes had too be diverted. but first,di we want to bring in saint-denis. >> reporter: as you said, we
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one of the ais spects, a woman who apparently killed herself, blew herself up at the beginning of the assaults. this happened at 4:30 a.m. local time. by 6:30 a.m., there were more explosions about two hours after it began. this is in an apartment building and there are apararent buildings and stores and all around. it'sar a densely populated area. neighbors are staying in their apartmenen in their homes. they have -- are hearing gun fire and explosions throughout the early morning hours and understandably very frightened. police have told people in the neighborhood beforehand, this is not an attack, this is going to be a raid, an operation but it's
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been an unexpectedly violent operation, according to some policeo sources and that is what people are reacting to now. as we said, still ongoing, we can't confirm the number of dead suspects or injured police according to a police spokes person. they saype this is still ongoing and they don't want to jeopardize investigations or operations in other parts of the city. dara. >> reporting live from france. a fierce political battle is heating up back home over allowing syrian refugees to enterinter the it u.s. and some in congress want to change the progress of welcoming them in. >> i cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for isil.
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been coming out of here during the course of this debate. >> nbc's ron allen is with president obama in the philippines. who is the president calling out o here? >> reporter: he isre calling out these republican governors who are saying they won't allow syrian refugees into their state and he's calling out a number of republicans on the campaign trail. he was very passionate on this issue and he says these are people who are playing to our fears and to our worst instinct instincts. there are only 2,000 or so refugees in the country, the united states andhe the limit was going to be 10,000. that compares to europe
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admitted 800,000 or so into country. and he says there's a process that takes anywhere from 18 to 24 months a a so far, about half that have been admitted are children. thche president also said these are people who are also speaking out, he says, areandidates and others who are saying it would only take a tone to stop vladimir putin or to stop the threat of isis. the president is saying, this is something that is not american andn again, so far, it is republicans candidates, republican governors who are saying they won't admit these syrian refugee sdwhz eees and the president saying this is not who we are. late last night two air france flights were forced to maketo emergency landings after receiving phone-in bomb threats
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after takehr off. and flight 65 from los angeles to france with 497 people on board was diverted to salt lake city.. both flights landed safely.. the planes werer thoroughly inspected and cleared and resumed their flights. it's unclear if the final destinations would still be france. and thee attacks include fighter bombers and crews c missiles. this comes. after a rususan plan was brought down killing all 2244 on board. and vladimir putin saying quote we will find them anyplace on earth and punisis them.
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reward to anyonon who knows who is responsible. governor nsjindal said it's not his time. and thehe new y yk times s ss two of his advisors are critical of his knowledge of the middle east and carson fired back saying one of them isn't really anbut admitted he was on a learning curve. >> i know a lot more than i knew a year ago and a yearr from now i'll learn more. and i think it applies to every aspe of our lives. especially in a rapidly changing world. c >> voters rank carson outside the top five, 28.7%. and good news for hillary
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new indorsement, the service employees international union who represents 2,0000000 workers. it's a blow to bernie sanders. who needs the support of organized workers. inor denver, severe snow and wind is leaving whiteout conditions. and trees coming down and leaving more than 6,000 people without power. and bill karins is here with your wednesday forecast. we have a tornado watch, thankfully, we have not had any tornados rererted in the hours. we still have a lot of moisture being drawn up into it.. this is going to be oo heavy rain producer in the days ahead. as far as today's heavy rain
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orleans and eventually it's going to move from mississippi to alabama. and here's the rainfall forecast, a widespread 1 to 2 ines of rain from birmingham to montgomery, about an inch possible up into the ohio valley and thursday's forecast will have heavier rain amounts right alonon i 95. from boston to norfolk and virginia areas p.. the cold air starting to show up in montana. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, the storms this morning are around panama city, and we could have an isolated tornado or two but wind damage is the greatest threat and clouds will be slowly increasing in the northwest.
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welcome back. you're look at livee pictures in an ongoing raid in saint-denis france. now to other top stories. at least 80 wounded from a suicide bomb in nigeria last night carried out by boko haram. and . a woman on board a british airlines flight was arrested yesterday. they say she was drunk. she tried to open the plane's emergency door midflight and had to be restrained.
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having a panic attack. it took six stewardests to get her subdued. this thanksgiving holiday, expect more traffic on the road in trains and in the skies. they're expecting more than 46 million holiday travellers. cheaper flights are spurring the increase. a a stds on a rise in an alarming rate. and the highest yearly total of any std reported to the krdscdc. syphilis shot up 15%. and what would you do if an alligator showed up to your picnic? luckily, they were able to shoo the gator back to the lake after it was done eating.
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this morning on "today" a ssen reports investigation, how the tsa is screening for weapons and how safe is air travel. charlie s(een has added his name to the list of those withh hiv. he says he's paid up to $10 millions in hush money to keep it secret. >> i'm here to admit that i am in fact hiv positive. >> reporter: charlie sheen has lived on the wild side and the agnoses four years ago of hiv would be a life changing moment. >> it's a hard three letters to
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it's a turning point in one's life. >> reporter: charley sayay he'ss decided to tell his story now because he was facing betrayal and extorgz from people who found out the truth. are you still paying these people? >> not after today. >> reporter: have you had unprotected se on any occasion since the diagnoses? >> yes, but they were under the care of my doctor and were completely warned ahead of time. >> reporter: he you transmitted the virus to someone else since your diagnoses? >> impossle. >> reporter: his personal physician. >> we can't say it's zero but it's a very, very low number. >> reporter: do you know how you contracted the virus? >> sitting here today, not
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>> reporter: he understands some of the reckless things he's done up until now is partly why he's where he is today. >> you can only hear winning in the streets so many times. >> reporter: the stigma that's attached to this diagnoses is e of the worst parts about it. people don't take action, they stigma. do you still feel that? >> i don't. no. i have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people. >> for more of the full intervie, visit nbcnews.s.m. just ahead, people magazine has announced this year's sexiest man alive. can you guess who? and george clooney, miley cyrus, they're all doing something huge for the holidays
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p.. time now for some entertainment news. people magazine hasas named david beckham the sexiest man alive. the new title was announced on jimmy kimmel live last night. dashing through the snono in a one horse open slay >> netflix has released a
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trailer for "a very murray christmas." and it will be released -- it will be released on december 4th. and zaynyn malik, formerly of one direction, said he left to work on his own projects. and last nightimmy fallon delivered the news on the toonlt"the tonight show". >> president obama is joining other leaders for the g-2020 summit because usually in turkey can debating obama it's just a bunch of drunk uncles. >> i'm dara brown and this is "early today." my sister raves about her toothpaste and mouthwash all the time. i'm like, huh? aren't they all the same? you know, i had to see for myself. so i went pro. with crest pro-health advanced.
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leading thehe news on, u.s. eyes travel of 800 potential foreign fighters. intelligence officials say 801 names in the u.s. terror base contain connections in france. and they're paying particular atengsza attention to thehe travel attempts. and in u.s.a. today, mosques vandalized after paris terror attacks. in florida, two mosques received threatening phone calls. and after an event as $% horrific as the terror attacks
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in france, it can be hard for children to process what happened. and this is a viral video where a father found just the right rds of comfort for his son. >> reporter: as paris tries to heal, it's hard enough for adults to understanan why it happens. but what if you're seeing it all from down here like this little boy who told a french reporter he was afraid. >> 10-year-old alexandra lost a teacher in the attacks.
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>> she tell me this time france lost the fight. i said, yes, it's true in a way. but this will never happen again. >> those words of reassurance just helped. >> trying to make sense of the world at a t te of so much change. kelly, nbc news, paris. >> you know, it's so important these ki watching these things don't understand what is going on. keep it right here on nbc for more updates. and we'll bring you those updates throughout the day. we appreciate you watching "early today."
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